The Best ”GreenWorks 25142” Mower Review | [[ Pros and Cons ]]

When it comes to selecting a GreenWorks mower for your needs, you have a lot of options to consider. The best GreenWorks 25142 reviews 25142 mowers for your needs can be determined by price, performance, and features. Some factors you may want to consider include the machine’s fuel economy, the size of your lawn, and the type of grass.

GreenWorks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded

Greenworks Corded Mower

Lawn Mower 25142

  • Greenworks is an electric lawn mower whose conversion kit makes it easy to change how your lawn looks.
  • The kit comes with an adapter for a rear bag, and it also comes with a mulcher to help you get that chopped feathered look on your lawn.
  • Electric motors are a popular choice for cutting through touched grass. They offer enough power to do the job well and come in a variety of sizes to fit any need.
  • 10 Amp electric motors are a great option for those looking for an affordable option. Assembled product weight is 48.0 Pounds, making them perfect for most applications.
  • When you’re tackling a large yard, time is money. That’s why these Lawn Mowers give you the power of “2-in-1” to help you finish your lawn more quicker.
  • With a durable 16-inch cutting deck, Toro Wide-Area Recycler lawn mowers are capable of mulching and rear discharge options. No matter which option you choose, this 2-in-1 mower will efficiently take care of your entire yard without the extra setup or tools.
  • 5 Position Height Adjustment – Lowes. Now you can mow your lawn at the perfect cutting height for your lawn and grass.
  • The innovative design of your lawn mower allows you to adjust the cutting height from 5/8 inch to 2-5/8 inch for ultimate control and precision.
  • 6″ front wheels and 7″ rear wheels. The maximum length of an extension cord is 150 feet.

GreenWorks 25142 Review

This GreenWorks 25142 mower is extremely well-designed. Although I don’t know how it will last, I can tell you that it is well-built and should last for many years. The mower has plenty of power to mow the grass. You can easily adjust the height of your mower with just one button.

Mulch plugs are a nice addition, but mulching will need to wait until it is dry.
The grass catcher worked great. I didn’t expect it to be so good. The bag may be filled by an impeller or something that is mounted above the blade.

It may also be due to the smooth, curved surface of the mower’s underside. The grass catcher bag will fill with wet long grass until it is full. It was completely unexpected.

These are some ideas to help you get started with corded electric mowers. These GreenWorks 25142 parts are lighter than my old gas mower, have less vibration, are quieter, start much faster, don’t require oil or gas, and require no maintenance. You press a button to start the mower.

It’s that simple. There is no need to bend over or pull. It simply starts up and runs until you release it. You will need to use a cord. However, you will need to learn how to use the cord and create a new lawn care plan.

Becoming proficient with the mower’s various aspects, took me three sessions. You’ll probably learn more quickly than me.

I was also amazed by how much the vacuum bag can contain; the mower neatly slices everything and blows it all to the back of the bag; filling it up takes much longer than I imagined. The bag is remarkably straightforward to connect and detach from the mower,

as well as extremely simple to empty; it also readily unclips from the strong steel frame, allowing it to be turned inside-out and rinsed clean.

It is crucial to understand that if you attempt to mow wet grass, it may tend to gather around the blade. (As is possible with any mower!)

This GreenWorks 25142 mower is typically quiet however if it appears to be slowing down or becoming noisier than usual, stop and turn it over to examine whether there is an accumulation of grass around the blade. If this is the case, simply remove it manually before proceeding.

When attempting to mow under a tree with low-hanging branches, I noticed an extra benefit of the folding handle. Mowing beneath such impediments becomes possible when temporarily folded down.

Larger mowers and/or mowers with difficult-to-fold handles could never achieve this!

The manufacturer definitely does not officially sanction using the GreenWorks 16-inch 10 amp corded electric lawn mower 25142 mowers in this manner, but if you use caution, it’s a fantastic feature!

The benefit of this mower’s tiny size and light weight is becoming more evident. The small mower gobbles up weeds and even moderate brush as it travels in and around, over and under, various obstacles and edgings with the cutting height set too high.

The medium option produces a lovely cut for the majority of my lawn, but you can tune it down like a “bald fade” to obtain a tightly cropped putting green look.

lawn mower with portable handle bar

Good And Bad

Greenworks Corded Mower

The Good

  • 2-IN-1 • REAR BAG •

The Bad

  • plastic body

About This GreenWorks 25142

Brand and modelGreenWorks 25142
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight37.5 Pounds
Cutting Width16 Inches
Number of Positions5
Operation ModeManual


When you first start out, set the control to its maximum setting and gradually reduce it until you reach the desired cut.

GreenWorks 25142 Pros And Cons

Top Pick
Greenworks Corded Mower


  • The GreenWorks 16-inch 10 amp corded electric lawn mower 25142 small sizes and weight make it incredibly easy to use, carry, and store. Fits through tighter spaces and around obstacles more easily than larger mowers.
  • 2- GreenWorks 25142 is quieter and vibrates less than comparable electric mowers. (MUCH quieter than a gas engine!)
  • 3- A well-balanced handle with a soft padded grip, height adjustment, and fast folding for storage.
  • 4- For further security, the power switch requires two hands to activate, but holding it anywhere along the handlebar will keep it running.
  • 5- Outstanding height adjustment mechanism; massive “gear shift style” control on top of the mower moves smoothly and readily locks into the desired position.


  • Smaller mowers require more walking to mow vast areas than larger mowers.
  • 2- The grass catcher bag has a limited capacity; when using that feature, the bag will need to be emptied more frequently. (However, it will be simpler)
  • 3- Requires electricity and a long enough extension cord to reach all areas to be mowed.

This GreenWorks 25142 electric corded mower The 16-inch cutting width is slightly narrower than “full-sized” mowers; if you want to trim a broad expanse of lawn rapidly, consider a larger product rather than this model.

GreenWorks 25142 Images And Results


This is good for half an acre. What about customer service?

The 17-inch lawn mower can run for up to 45 minutes on grass less than 4 inches. This mower is ideal for small residential lawns. For optimal performance and runtime, additional batteries may be required for 1/2 an acre.

How often should blades be replaced in general? I reside in a townhouse with a medium-sized yard (50’x20′ in the back and around half that in the front).

If you sharpen the blade every 4 to 6 months and avoid mulching sticks and twigs, it should last for several years or more. The blade on my previous mover (also electric) lasted 4 years.

Is the GreenWorks 25142 covered by a warranty, and if so, how long is it valid?

Yes, the GreenWorks 25142 is covered by a four-year warranty.

How tall is it from the ground to the handle? I’m assuming Amazon’s 20″H measurement is the unassembled delivery measurement. Thanks!!

I believe Megan is concerned about storage height. The real height is roughly 20″, but the handle collapses and there is very little storage capacity. When in its normal position, the handle is quite stable while in use. It is a comfortable height for me at 5’5″.

What is the length of the chord that comes with the GreenWorks 25142 mower?

The cable measures 12 inches long. To operate, this item will require an extension cord (not included).

Is it easy to change the wheels if they break, and are they replaceable?

The wheels are fairly sturdy and should not need to be replaced. If you have any problems with this part, please contact us at 1-888-909-6757 or [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

Does it include the mulching bag?

Yes, it includes a mulching bag.

Will it collect acorns?

This container is great for collecting grass clippings. Although the mower can pick up other waste, acorns, and other similar things should be racked up and removed before mowing. This will make the unit work more efficiently and result in less blade wear.

Is there a flip-over handle on this model? Is there another model that does this?

No, the handles do not rotate. They do, however, fold down for storage. Our units do not have flip-over handles

does this move on its own or do you have to push it?

No, it is not self-propelled; you must push it, which is not difficult given its modest weight.

When the handle is folded for storage, what size is the mower? I’m attempting to decide where I’ll keep mine when it comes. Thanks

From front to back, 28 inches. 19 inches long on each side.
The floor to the top of the handle when folded down is 19 inches.

How does the electric start function on an electric lawn mower?

To start the GreenWorks 25142 mower, press and hold the safety button while lifting the bale handle. Once the mower has started, depress the safety button. This process is demonstrated in the video below.

Is there a charger included?

Model 25142 does not include a battery or charger. This device is corded and must be used with an extension cord (not provided).

Mowing with a power wire isn’t very practical. It appears like keeping the cord out from under the mower would be difficult even in a small area.

You must pay attention, but keeping the rope out of the way is not difficult. Remember that this lawnmower is only 16 inches wide… If the grass is too tall to cut in one swath, it will take a long time to mow. I bought it since it was reasonably priced. I was paying someone to mow my grass for the price of the mower each month, plus I needed the exercise.

body made of plastic?

Yes, the body is composed of polyethylene plastic, which is lightweight and long-lasting.

What is the purpose of the top lever? Do you have to hold it down all the time to mow the grass?

It’s called the bale lever. To mow, press the button, then pull and hold the bale lever, then release the button. The mower comes to a halt when you release the bale lever.

How tough is it to assemble?

It is pretty simple to put together. Except for the handle, it comes mostly constructed. Very simple. Take a look at the lovely printed manual that comes with it.

Is this mower fully assembled?

The GreenWorks 25142 mower is completely built, however, the handle is folded in two places. All that remains is to secure the handle joints. The pressure locks are located on the handle in four locations. Although the grass collector is light, I tipped the mower forward so that I could grip the trap door and hook it onto the machine.

The mulching attachment is a plastic item within the trap door that must be removed before the grass catcher can be installed. Simply pull it straight out. Even when it was full, I was able to turn the grass catcher on and off by myself.

How frequently do you need to empty the bag? every 500 square feet? 750/1000 square feet?

It’s more about how much grass you’re cutting than how many square feet you’re cutting. If your grass is as thick, overgrown, and humid as mine was, you’ll have to empty it more frequently. If you stick with it and only cut a small amount at a time, it will happen less frequently.
It is simple to remove and empty. Lift and pull off, dump, lift the ‘trapdoor,’ connect up, and go

Has anyone had this mower for a few years and had no problems?

I purchased mine in the spring of last year and have had no difficulties thus far. I only use it in my 600-square-foot front yard.

How do you deal with the cord/cable? Isn’t it inconvenient?

Because of your uneven mowing pattern, the electric cord may cause some issues. Simply retain the rope in your right hand while pushing the mower with your left.

What is the best type of extension cord?

For this model, you can use any length of cord from 50′ to 150′, but it must be of the proper gauge. For further information, please contact us at 1-888-909-6757 or [email protected].

Is it possible to purchase mulcher blades from the manufacturer?

You should have gotten a black plastic mulcher attachment that you can attach to the exit door.

My front yard’s pebbled rocks are being overrun by grass. Would I still be able to utilize this?

I’m not sure what your issue is, but it appears that you have a pebble rock surface that you don’t want grass growing on. This lawnmower has an adjustable height, so if your grass in that location is tall, you could raise it to cut above the rocks without hitting them.

If I were in this circumstance, I would probably spray a herbicide that would kill the grass in the pebble rocks. You could then pull the dead grass out, leaving your pebble surface grass-free. You may adjust the height of this mower to be above or below the ground.

Make certain that it is adjusted sufficiently above the rocks so that you do not hit a rock that will harm the mower and cause it to be flung out dangerously.

Is oil required to safeguard the motor (like with an electric chain saw)?

No, there is no need to add oil.
The oil in an electric chainsaw is intended to lubricate the bar and chain, not the motor.

What size would a replacement blade be?

The replacement blade would be the same size as the current blade on the item – 16 inches.

When you’re not using the bag, does grass get on your shoes?

When the bag is not there, a flap covers the rear of the mower, and the flap is closed. To fit the bag inside, drop the flap and then hook it. I know that with the flap closed,

the grass won’t shoot at your legs, but I’m unsure if it will reduce cutting efficiency. When the bag is full, the efficiency decreases because the GreenWorks 25142 cut grass gathers near the cutting zone.

Is Greenworks lawn mower a good brand?

The greenworks lawn mower is a good brand. It offers a variety of models to choose from, so you can find the right one for your needs. The mowers are made with durable materials and have powerful engines, so they can handle any type of lawn.

Are Greenworks mowers made in China?

Yes, Greenworks mowers are made in China. The company has its own factories there, and all of its products are designed and manufactured in-house. Greenworks is a vertically integrated company, meaning it controls every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish. This allows the company to produce high-quality products at competitive prices.

Who manufactures Greenworks lawnmowers?

A company of the same name manufactures Greenworks lawnmowers. Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, Greenworks is a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment that specializes in electric-powered products. The company offers a range of lawnmowers for both residential and commercial use, as well as a variety of other outdoor power equipment such as trimmers, blowers, and snow throwers.

Are Greenworks and ego the same?

No, Greenworks and ego are not the same. Greenworks is a lawn care company that focuses on providing environmentally friendly services and products. Ego is a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, including lawnmowers and trimmers.