The Best Self-Propelled Greenworks 60V Lawn Mower Review

I don’t know if this is the wrong use of the word, but this is one sexy-looking mower. This for me is where cordless cutting convenience is going. This is pushing the boundaries.

Greenworks have always been at the forefront of cordless cutting and garden machinery. And this isn’t even the pinnacle when it comes to the Greenworks battery range.

forefront of cordless cutting
  • This is just the four-amp power battery.
  • 60 volts,
  • four amp power,
  • charge up within an hour,

and you’ve got plenty of scopes to be able to cut upwards of 300 square meters. So

This is just the four-amp power battery.  60 volts,
  • if you have got big palatial grounds?
  • if you’ve got long grass?
  • if you’ve got paddocks?
  • if you want ultimate cordless performance?

then this is where you should be looking. And this is affordable performance in terms of the costs of mowers.

what are you getting for your money?

Well, firstly you’re getting the Greenworks name.

  • These guys are the pinnacle of cordless garden machinery.
  • They’ve always been investing in new technology,
  • new aesthetics,
  • and new performance.

And you’re getting it all in that 60-volt mower.

What you’re not getting is

  • fuel,
  • fumes,
  • cords,
  • and cables.

Your power and performance all stem from your 60-volt battery, which sits underneath that splash-proof cover.

And you’ve not just got one port. You’ve got two battery ports. So you could have two 60-volt batteries

working Alongside each other In order to give you double that 300 square meters. Does anyone do mental arithmetic? That’s 600 square meters.

two battery ports.


It’s got headlights. This mower has got headlights. So if you want to go stealth mode in the evening and you can do,

because you’re not going to get that raucous, cacophony of sound that you do from a petrol engine.

And then those twilight evenings in the summer, just the end of the summer, we still want to mow. You can go out at dusk and use those headlights to negotiate your path.

lawn mower with headlights


You’ve got these incredibly tough, chunky wheels at the front and at the back. So great if you’ve got longer grass if you’ve got banks of ground, areas of the long rough paddock that needs to be mowed.

incredibly tough, chunky wheels

steel-cutting deck

Now, if you’re looking for added value for your money, you don’t want a polymer or composite deck. You want a steel deck.

You’re getting a steel-cutting deck. You’re getting a 46-centimeter cutting width. You’re getting steel cutting blades on the underside.

Now here’s something I couldn’t do with a petrol engine because I’ll end up flooding the tank, we’ll have oil leaking out the side,

lawn mower  steel-cutting deck.


I can do it because it’s cordless and there is your cutting blade. Again, a slightly different orientation on this wing

  • increases cutting width,
  • cutting capacity,
  • and cutting surface area,

but also make sure you get the crispest cuts possible. If you have larger areas of lawn, it’s well worth doing that periodically.

increases cutting width,  cutting capacity,  and cutting surface area,

I would do every fourth mow if you can. Discharge all those cuttings down onto the ground, you’re going to give your lawn a rich organic feed.

height adjustment

Now we’ve got single lever height adjustment to miss the thing that I want to see when I’m investing in new technology

and I’m moving away from all fossil fuels by a cylinder, same performance. I still want the same tactile properties.

lawn mower height adjustment

value for money

I want to have that reassurance that I’m getting value for money. And I’m getting all the functions And features that I would have on a conventional mower.

lawn mower value for money

cutting height

You’ve got that with a single ledger cutting height. It’s really. I mean it’s just like, I love stuff that works. I just love good engineering and you’re getting it here.

So you’re getting seven individual cutting heights. So you can be as pedantic as you like in order to get the length of lawn that you want.

Again, if it was me, I would have it between three and four centimeters long. That’s my preference. If you want to take it short and tight,

lawn mower lower cutting

If you’re going to take it tight and low, remember you want to do that on a flat area of lawn, and then it’s routine maintenance to keep it that kind of short, tight length.

grass box

You have got a whopping 55-liter hybrid grass box. Again, that vortex is going to be created with that unique cutting blade shape.

It’s going to fire all of those finer grass cuttings into the bag. The virtue of that larger size collection box is that means Less stopping in your mowing,

 whopping 55-liter hybrid grass box.

fewer forays off to your compost heap, or to your bin or to the back of the garden, or over your neighbor’s fence. Wherever it is you tip your grass.

I think typically your neighbor’s fence. There is a function built into these clever arms here and I’ll show you what that is short.

start switch

. You will hear an initial... It will go really loud quickly

how do we start it?

Well, we have our own the switch So if I just want to engage the mower blades themselves,

how do we start it?

pull back the green handle,

press the green button.

press the green button.

And you hear initially, the initial spike of power and it drops down the revs.
Because you’ll hear an initial. you will hear an initial surge. It’s hard to say. You will hear an initial… It will go really loud quickly, and- You’ll hear an initial… I can’t even. – Initial surge.

That’s why you’re here. But if you are going through long grass, And if you want to increase the cutting capabilities, then when I turn that mower on, and the mower drops down, press the turbo button.

turbo button.

Wooh. Love the fact that my mower has got a turbo button on it. We mentioned the self-propelled function, as well.

So that’s when the gray handles on the underside come in. You’ve got the scope to be able to control your mower. You also see it’s got this kind of swept back handles, as well.

So much more ergonomic, feel to it, as well. Turn the mower on, pull back the gray handle, and you’re even in control of the pace of your self-propelled function.

So whether you’re in a rush or if you want a nice mellow mow or a pedestrian pace, you’re in control of your stroll.

 rush or if you want a nice mellow mow

If you’re thinking, “Well, I haven’t got space to story 46-centimeter mower.” remember that little innovation I mentioned on my handlebars? Check this out.

And because it’s cordless cutting, You don’t have to worry about an engine leaking oil or fuel. You can store your mower in a vertical position.

You can store your mower in a vertical position.

This is testing. Scientific testing. I’m going to go and sneak into the neighboring farm field. So considering all these features from this model, I can still pick it up

Now we’ve seen how it performs, especially on the long grass. And we’ve seen, it’s got those rugged wheels, that tough steel cutting deck, that broad 46-centimeter cutting width, the scope to be able to control the rate of power,

And the delivery of cordless cutting convenience. But I wonder. How tough is it? Okay, this is a bigger mower, so we’re expecting bigger things from this.

few extra scientific durability tests.

So we’re going to throw some of the previous tests at it and a few extra scientific tests. Ready. Not even a scratch. It hasn’t even scuffed it. Doesn’t leave a dink on the paintwork. –

Force field. – Imagine the situation. It’s a lovely summer’s day. You see some black clouds on the horizon. Do you think I’ve got a little bit of time to get the mowing done? All of a sudden those clouds are overhead.
lawn mower few extra scientific tests.

Roof tile descends from above Test

And the next thing you know, the wind’s picking up. You make a hasty retreat to your home to avoid the oncoming summer storm. Taking refuge in the house, but you’ve left your mower out. The winds pick up further and a roof tile descends from above. But then, another roof tile comes off.

 roof tile descends from above. But then, another roof tile comes off

No problem. Serious point, though. If you did leave this mower out in a storm, which they advocate that you don’t, and a roof tile did descend from your roof line, with gusto I might add.

Then all that’s going to leave are a few superficial scratches. Alright. Gonna get the truck. –

Lawn mower hill test

lawn mower hill test

3. 2. 1. Are you for real, mate? No way! No way! That’s insane. Now if you want to find out any more about the lawnmowers we featured in this Article,

or perhaps you want to learn about the evergreen, ever-growing range of cordless tools for your home And for your garden.

Don’t forget, you can always check the link out at the end of the article.

Thanks for reading. And in our next post, we’ll be looking at robots, and how they can help you in your garden by doing rubbish robot voices do,


  • Greenworks GD60LM46SP 60V self-propelled lawn mower

Looking for a powerful and versatile lawn mower that can handle any job? Look no further than the Greenworks GD60LM46SP.

This model is designed specifically for those who demand the best user experience and convenience. With variable speed, this machine can be used to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


How long will it take to charge a four-amp power battery?

This is just the four-amp power battery. 60 volts,

charges up within an hour,

What are the benefits of using a four-amp power battery?

two battery ports.

It has four amps of power, charges in one hour, and has enough scope to cut up to 300 square meters. So, if you have expansive palatial grounds, this is ideal for you

What are some other features that can be helpful when investing in a lawn mower?

lawn mower lower cutting

I want to have that reassurance that I’m getting value for money. And I’m getting all the functions And features that I would have on a conventional mower.

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